Midnight Perfume Roller
Midnight Perfume Roller
Midnight Perfume Roller

Midnight Perfume Roller

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It's a little past curfew. Wisps of incense smoke curl around you. Joy Division spins in the background, as the speakers crackle and pop. You hope this moment will last forever. 

A lightweight perfume roller perfect for on-the-go! Keep it with you and apply as much or as little as you like. This ultra-moisturizing oil is quick-drying and doesn't leave a greasy feel. Perfect as a summer splash or to quench dry winter skin.

15 ml. Pure Jojoba + Safflower Oil. Stainless Steel Roller Ball.

Phthalate Free - Paraben Free - Nut Oil Free - Cruelty Free 

We make our fragrances to order so they are as fresh as possible. We use natural vitamin E oil to help preserve the fragrance blend and reduce the effects of oxidation. Your roller is best used with 12-18 months of purchasing. Roll the fragrance on arms, neck, and across the top of the chest just under the shirt line for the longest lasting fragrance. Be sure to test first if coming in contact with clothing fabrics. Keep the lid on your roller when not in use and store upright.
Your roller can safely fit in a carry on, but please note that due to changes in air pressure the roller housing unit may become loose. Use electrical tape or plastic wrap to seal all around the edges of the seam where the glass and the plastic roller housing meet. Then place in a leak proof bag with the lid on.

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