Incense Discovery Set
Incense Discovery Set
Incense Discovery Set

Incense Discovery Set

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Try our incense out before you buy a full set. Comes with 2 cones of each scent:






Place incense cone on a heat resistant, non combustible surface. We recommend adding a little salt or sand to the burner to allow for better air flow under the cone. Light the tip of the cone and wait for a FULL 15-20 seconds before blowing out. Cone tip should glow red and smoke should be visible. If the cone does not stay lit, re-light and start again. Cone may not burn all the way down to the very bottom. Do not handle the incense cone once lit. Surface or burner may also become hot, so be sure to allow the surface to cool before handling. Each cone will produce aromatic smoke for about 15-20 minutes. Do not leave unattended. Store cones in closed container when not in use. Best if used within 6-8 months of purchasing.
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