Candle Refill Kit

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Our NEW refill kit lets you refill your favorite candle scent and helps reduce waste by reusing your vessel. If you do not have a particle jar or travel tin you may use this kit to pour into a container that is between 2.5-3" in diameter and holds up to 8oz. This kit will refill one Particle classic jar but can be used to refill tins as well. Please note if you plan to use for tins simply request an extra wick in the comments section.

Kit includes:

-1 block of soy wax with fragrance of your choice pre-blended

-1 wick + wick sticker

-1 instruction card

-2 tealights

Comes with full instructions. Additional tools/equipment needed but not supplied: A heat source, double boiler including a pot and either a glass bowl or pyrex type measuring glass, and paper towels for clean up. 



Atlantic: bergamot, musk, neroli, dry salt, ozone accord

Canyon: palo santo, sandalwood, pinyon pine, red clay

Desert: sagebrush, creosote, woody incense, smoke, birch tar

Fog: bergamot, earl grey tea, steamed milk, valencia orange

Forest: cypress, fir needle, moss, damp earth, coriander, rosemary

Isle: Mandarin, amber, jasmine, orchid, coconut water, pineapple, melon

Mesa: Egyptian amber, cardamom, sandalwood, copal, sandstone

Moon: concrete, bay laurel, rosewood, tobacco leaf, amyris, cedar

Ozone: oakmoss, amber, sandalwood, citrus, fern leaf

Pacific: cucumber, agave, seagrass, driftwood, kaffir lime, kelp

Storm: volcanic salt, musk, cypress, eucalyptus, rain water

Valley: fresh lemon zest, yuzu, wild poppies, magnolia flower, mangosteen

Volcano: tobacco, spice, black tea, teakwood, damp ash

Trail: balsam pine, cedarwood, campfire, tree sap, leather

Equinox: orange peel, clove, anise, mulled cider, charred pumpkin

Solstice: Birchwood, black pepper, frankincense, oud, suede, cinder

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