Aquatic scent personality:

These folks are intuitive, loyal and prefer to dive deep below the surface with others. They want to be appreciated for their empathy and honesty and strive to be understood. 

Personal style is relaxed and minimal with lots of basics and soft muted colors. Their space features soft organic textures, light woods, and calming colors.

Our aquatic scents are delicate and nuanced, ranging from ozonic petrichor,  and salt accords to clean and effervescent.


Particle Goods: Storm Candle
Palermo Body: Milk Soak
3rd Ritual: Moon Cream

Knucklekiss: Filament Ring

Copper Canoe Woman: Crescent Ovoid Earring
Drifters Fish: Smoked Salmon

Rain Ceramics: Cry Planter

Particle Goods: Tide Roller
Freeman: Watch Cap
This Corner: Tortuga Book Ends

Labyrinthos: 7th Spere Rider Tarot Deck
Vinyl Moon: You Spring Earth Record

Witch Baby: Moon Dust Soap
Tuesday: Hand-dyed Smock Dress
Velouria: Fuck This Mug

Particle Goods: Pacific Candle

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