Fruity scent personality:

These folks are optimistic, friendly and clever. Their supportive nature and quick wit means they’ll will blend well in any social circle. They tend to initiate social gatherings but are just as happy to stay in and work on a new hobby. 

Their style is a mix of bold patterns with a definite signature color - and always well accessorized. Their home is part homage to their houseplants or pets, and likely features at least one DIY project. 

This scent family is effervescent and playful with bright citrus and fruit notes. 


Particle Goods: Nova Fragrance Roller
And Arlen: Nova Fidget Ring

Hemleva x The Mint Gardener: Sun Catcher

Mantel PDX: Bloom Up Cup
Salt & Sundry: Aura Affirmation Deck
Vinyl Moon: Vol 084 Sour Idols Vinyl
The Circle: Marbled Kimono

Particle Goods: Fog Travel Tin

Samantha Slater: Choose Your Own Fire Opal Ring
Chunks: Jelly Nimbus Claw
Simply Curated: Guava Fig Lotion

Particle Goods: Valley Fragrance Roller

Fade Into The Abstract: Opal Signet Ring
Velour: La Croix Cross-Stitch Kit
Bowhill Blueberries: Blueberry Juice
Palate Polish: Hot Wing, Pistachio, Cherry Blossom, Cotton Candy

Sugarhouse Ceramic Co: Checkered Planter 
Ayako and Family: Apricot Jam
*Particle Goods: Iridescent Double-Walled Dream Candle
*only available at upcoming markets!

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