Spicy Scent Personality:

These folks are sensual, trendy, and philosophical. They don’t mind being the center of attention and want to be appreciated for their wisdom and sense of humor. 

Their style is effortlessly eclectic, mixing modern + vintage pieces in fashion and home decor. They enjoy luxurious textures paired with bold patterns and their space centers around the rare objects they like to collect on their travels. 

Our spicy scents indulge in the exotic and gourmand with a dynamic blend of spices, intense woods and luminous accents.


Brightland: Chili-Infused Olive OIl
Andrea Pons: Mamacita Cookbook
dusen dusen: Salt & Pepper Shakers


Moglea: Hand Painted Notebooks
Station 7: Terrazzo Gem Soaps


Particle Goods: Ash Wood Wick Candle

Rani Ban: Okay Holidays Card
KariKari: Garlic Chili Crisp
History + Industry: OOAK Earrings
Sam Dodie Studio: Sunny Side Up Mug

Particle Goods: Spark Incense Cones
Splendor & Stone: Iridiana Earrings
Frankie & Coco: Kat Tote

Particle Goods: Mesa Fragrance Roller

Vinyl Moon: Sun Ray Surfaces Vinyl
M Creative J: Desert Landscape DIY Pin Kit
Palate Polish: Cinnamon Polish

Skeem: Match Cloche
Rani Ban: 'It's OK to be Soft' Print
Golden Root: Spicy Turmeric Latte Mix

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