Woodsy Scent Profile:

These folks are charismatic, bold and rebellious. They are innovative risk takers, passionate thinkers, and often a host for social gatherings. 

Their style is sophisticated but edgy. Their home is a meticulous balance of luxury and comfort and most likely a combination of industrial and mid-century modern elements.

This scent family feels both plush and gritty with a blend of rich woods, aged leather and musks. 


Particle Goods: Canyon Travel Tin
Vida + Luz: Driftwood + Brass Wall Hanging
Sam Lee: Ceramic Vase

Sam Lee: Original Print Drawings

Cecelia Stitch: Thatcher Tote
Petrikor: Patch Bandaids
Laura Burkhart: Tree Ornament
Apo.Ge: The Essential Skincare Set

Particle Goods: Ash Fragrance Roller

Particle Goods: Ember Incense Cones
Hardmill: Higonokami Brass Folding Knife
Hardmill: Slim Leather Wallet
Fade Into The Abstract: Ring

Particle Goods: Ridge Jar Candle

Eighth Generation: Coast Salish Blanket
Melville Ceramics: Ceramic Cat Ornament
Deep Roots: Reparative Face Oil 

Vinyl Moon: Vol 066 The Comfort of a Dream Vinyl
Deep Cut: Wood Vinyl Holder

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