How to Reclaim a Candle

How to Reclaim a Candle

Before you toss that leftover candle container, let's show you how easy it is to clean + repurpose!

Our wax is made with an in-house blend of soy + coconut wax, and because it's paraffin-free our wax is also water-soluble. So, let's clean that container up and give it a new life, shall we? 

Step 1)

Place your container on a heat-resistant surface. Fill the container with boiling water, and make sure you fill it at least half way. 


Step 2)

Allow the wax to melt and float to the top. Once cooled, you can pop that puck of wax right out of the container. Use these in your wax warmer if you have one, or toss it. (Scented wax is not compostable! Please take care to dispose of it in the garbage.)


Step 3)

Pry the metal wick stabilizer out with your fingers or a utensil, and discard. Remove any labels, then wash with hot soapy water (dish soap works best) until all wax residue has been removed. Now you can reuse it as a planter, pencil cup, storage container, and more.


Please note: if reusing containers for food storage, be sure to clean thoroughly or run through the dishwasher before using.  

All our containers and lids are recyclable, so even if you can't find a way to give them new life, someone else will! Thanks for helping us to reduce waste by reusing and recycling!