This month's staff picks were chosen by Míchal, our wholesale account manager! Michal has been with Particle since 2019, but we've known each other since 2007.  We met while working at the now defunct Waldenbooks, and became friends and then roommates for time. She moved back to Idaho in 2019 and about a week later I called her and asked if she wanted to be our first employee. I had just started doing wholesale a few months before and we were working with about 10 stores. Since then we've grown to 40 retail partners.  Míchal has tested every fragrance, candle and incense cone we've made (and all the ones that didn't make the cut!!) but these are the scents she can't live without.




The moment I see the first fiery leaf of the season, I’m lighting Equinox. My candle tastes are varied and ever-evolving, but this scent is my Autumn favorite. It’s the sophisticated rebirth of a classic fall fragrance. Balanced and understated, with layers of warm spice, charred pumpkin, mulled cider, orange peel, and a little nostalgia. Equinox smells like an afternoon spent kicking crisp leaves across cracked sidewalks, with a cup of spiced cider to warm your hands.




Incense is my favorite evening ritual, a tool for slowing down and steadying myself. I love the way it slowly builds and overtakes a room. I pair Ember with a book, soft lighting, and my handsome ginger cat, whose fur still smells of incense the next morning.

Ember is rich, dark, and intoxicating, with notes of warm leather, tobacco leaf, and charred oak. It’s a scent that always takes me by surprise with its calming depth.





Moon is my go-to fragrance. It’s soft and hypnotic, woody and cool, with a splash of underlying sweetness. The scent blooms on the skin and waxes and wanes throughout the day, mysterious and rejuvenating. I feel my most authentic self when I’m wearing Moon, and it always draws compliments from curious strangers and friends.