The air is crisp, and the veil is thin. We find ourselves drawing inward, preparing a space to commune, as the spirit world collides with the earthly realm.

This month, our limited edition subscription box candle is ALTAR: an opulent blend of aged mahogany, melted beeswax, warm resin, cloves, burnt match tips and smoky incense.

Burn this scent as a ritual or an offering.
Let it pull you into a sacred space of reflection and remembrance.                    (You can still subscribe to receive this candle until the end of the month)

As we move into a darker season, it's the perfect time of year for creating rituals and practices that serve our wellbeing. Easier said than done, we know!  We thought it might be nice to share some suggestions and encouragements every once in a while, as we all traverse the ups and downs of life together.

This month, we want to remind you (and ourselves) of your innate power. Read on for a witchy ritual and altar building guide, plus a few journal prompts for good measure — crafted especially for you and the end of October.


a ritual for remembering your power

Prepare your altar space with whatever you have and whatever is meaningful to you. It can be a small vignette on a shelf even.  If you'd like to learn more about how to prepare an altar we love this article.  We have a few suggestions listed below, but using what feels right to you is what's most important.  We included some incense cones for you this month to add to your altar space as well. 🌫

cloth: orange or red for personal strength, brown for harvest, white or silver for emotional clarity 

crystals: carnelian for personal power, bloodstone for motivation and creativity, amber for confidence, clear quartz for message clarity, hematite for health 

herbs: cayenne, pepper, cumin for strength

Cleanse your body and energetic field, ideally via a warm shower or bath, but thoroughly washing your hands is okay as well.

Set up your altar space using either the altar item suggestions, or with your own personal items that represent inner strength, harvest, and renewal.

Place your altar cloth on your surface, then arrange five tealight candles in a pentagon shape with whichever item or crystal is most important to you, in the center.

Arrange your crystals, sacred items, and/or herbs around the candles.

As you prepare to light your candles, take a few minutes to meditate on the areas of your life where you feel the most empowered and wholly yourself.

Light your candles while reciting the spell, 

I call in the remembrance of all of my personal power, all of my strength and fire that I may have forgotten.
I cast out all people, places, and things that make me feel less than the innately empowered being I am.
I thank the Universe for her bountiful blessings and I attract only what is meant for me.
As above, so below.

Repeat the spell verbally, 3 times total.

Allow the candles to completely burn themselves out. If that isn’t possible, mindfully and intentionally snuff them out while thanking the Universe for the opportunity for your spell work. Keep your altar set for at least one week, but ideally until the next new moon.


journal prompts for the end of october

Take three deep breaths, then imagine yourself in your most powerful state. What does it look and feel like?  How can you embody this feeling of personal power in your every day life?

When you reflect back to the Spring Equinox of this year, what seeds planted are coming to harvest now? Look especially to interpersonal connections and your relationship with yourself. Where have you grown and evolved?

Over the past month what delays, miscommunications, or frustrations have been the most prevalent for you? Do you feel proud of how you handled to them or wish you would’ve reacted differently? How do you care for yourself when it feels as if everything in life is getting in the way of your success?


Okay, dear ones. That's all for now. Let us know how you feel after taking a little time to tap in. Until next time.

Love & Light ✨

🖤 Particle Team