We are thrilled to share our newest offering with you, launching Friday November 26th. Our Glow & Dream ritual boxes are an entry point to reconnecting with yourself. A collection of small accessible ways to tend to your physical and emotional wellbeing. Glow includes wellness tools to kick start your day while dream helps you wind down and get meaningful rest. Each box comes with a booklet filled with meditation and writing prompts, pep talks, and additional ritual care ideas. We also collaborated with Pulse Yoga to create a video library with slow flow movement practices and guided meditations you can return to over and over again.

Most of you know the story of how Particle came to be. How a forced health sabbatical in 2017 illuminated my state of total burnout. The repair process included shifting my perceptions of self-care and adopting new habits that nurtured my body and spirit. This past year Particle has stretched and shifted and I’ve struggled to feel spaciousness and make time to prioritize those sustaining rituals I know are a so necessary to my wellbeing. And from what you’ve all shared, so have you. We are still re-orienting ourselves to this constant state of ambiguity.

I often get caught up in doing something perfect and end up not doing it all. Even when we were working on this project that tendency reared its ugly, familiar head. We spent a full day creating the video content and it felt so good. Full hearts. But then it somehow got accidentally deleted. OUCH. We had to reshoot 75% of the videos, and quickly. The second attempt felt challenging. The pressure to create something equally beautiful collided with the realities of life unfolding on the street outside. It was a cacophony of seagulls, passersby yelling, a leaf blower and fire truck. But as I watched, they just kept going. They rolled with it.

We fought the urge to redo and revise.

The truth is, everything we captured the first time was beautiful and spacious, and it was sad to lose it.  But what we created the second time was meaningful and HONEST. We were vulnerable and messy. You may see those moments where we were struggling to tap into our heart-space and inner knowing because things around us (or within us) felt more chaotic. But here’s the thing, perfectly choreographed videos would only fuel our desire for perfection and performance and override our capacity to truly connect. Connection happens when there’s a willingness to be clumsy, to let go of control, and to trust ourselves or others. If we can do it, so can you.

I don’t think you need perfection. I think you need a little grace. I think you need tangible ways to make space and time for restoring yourself that feel practical and realistic when there’s unfolded laundry piling up and a zoom call or screaming kid in the other room. There will always be a list of reasons to deny or delay our own time and space. Our hope is that you just show up, exactly as you are, and we’ll help guide you back into those soul nurturing practices

Many thanks to Chelsea & Kristine, who rolled with the punches, stayed grounded and gave so much energy to this project. We are all profoundly proud of how these kits took shape and hope that they bring you lightness and joy no matter what season of life you are in now.